Porterville Soccer League

Porterville Soccer League is a youth soccer league affiliated to US Club Soccer which provides a recreational, developmental and educational soccer league for all the youth of the city of Porterville, CA. and its surrounding communities. Porterville Soccer League is the only youth recreational soccer league in Porterville tied to a competitive soccer club with opportunities to play year around.

This is NOT THE CITY OF PORTERVILLE Parks and Leisure soccer league.

Start time for both Boys and Girls in the U6,U8,U10 have been modified for a later time. Reason for modifying schedules was that after the first week of play we noticed that there was minimal time between games. With the new start times, we are hoping it will allow teams for more team pick up and setup time.

Please verify the new start times clicking here.

2015 Fall Season Game Rules and Regulations

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The 2015 Fall Season Game Rules and Regulations have been posted.

COACHES: Please verify the number of players on field and the length of games per your teams division.

2015 Fall Season Game Rules and Regulations

Things to keep in mind during the season

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2015 Fall Season schedules have been posted

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The 2015 Fall Season schedules have been posted.

IMPORTANT please keep checking back before the start of the season for any updates as we might have to make minor adjustments to game times being that we have numerous coaches coaching multiple teams.

Click on the Fall Season menu at the top of this page and then select Schedule/Standings.

For a direct link Click here.

2015 Fall Season – Player and Team Search

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We have setup a link where players can search by their last name to see the team and coach information for the team they have been assigned for the 2015 Fall Season.

If your son/daughter appear on a team without a coach and you are willing to coach that team please contact us.

Please bare with us as we forward the player list to the corresponding coaches and they call you to inform you of the date, time and location of practices.

If for any reason your son/daughter does not appear on the team rosters and they were registered for the 2015 Fall Season, FASTEST WAY TO LET US KNOW IS TO EMAIL US AT portervillesoccer@hotmail.com. Include your son/daughter name in the emailing and let us know HOW you registered (in-person/online) and WHEN you registered your child.

Before you email us, please try doing a “PARTIAL” search on the player’s last name. For example if your last name is “Smith”, search for only “s” and then search thru all the list. It could easy be a misspelled last name. If after trying a partial search you are still unable to find your son/daughters name, then go ahead and email us.

Here is the link to search for players name and their assigned team:


Tentative 2015 Fall Season Calendar

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The following is a “TENTATIVE” 2015 Fall Season Calendar:

8/29 Game #1
9/12 Game #2
9/19 Game #3
Break #1
10/3 Game #4
10/10 Game #5
10/17 Game #6
Break #2
10/31 Game #7
11/7 Game #8
11/14 Game #9 – For U6 Division / Playoffs for U8-U14
11/15 Game #10 – Finals for U8-U14

Looking for Soccer Cleats?

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Sponsorships and Donations

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Sponsorship of the Porterville Soccer League is a great way to be more visible to potential customers and at the same time support the youth of the City Of Porterville and its surrounding communities.

With a potential of over 1000 youth soccer players in the Porterville area and every one of those player’s families and friends attending a weekly game, your company’s logo/advertisement can definitely take advantage of the extra visibility at each of our league games.  Your company can also take advantage of the exposure your company will get online on our league website, www.portervillesoccer.com, which since it went online has recorded great daily hit numbers.

So why not take advantage of the extra visibility and at the same time help support youth athletes in the City Of Porterville and its surrounding communities.

All donations to the Porterville Soccer League are tax deductible under the Internal Revenue Service definition of a 501(c)(3) organization.

For details of the different sponsorship levels available please read the Sponsorship Levels and Pricing document.

If you need more information or have questions please call us at (559) 791-8483 or email us at portervillesoccer@hotmail.com.